Archive for March 2019

Listen to special guest Lady Elizabeth Hudson as she reminds us that we are anointed to be stronger. She dives in to 1 Samuel 17 to show us how David ...View Details

Join us as Tania not Tanya shares with us the story of Nate and Jack and shows us how the Bible defines strength. James 2:20,26 Good News Translation ...View Details

Dionne "The Radical Midwife" Shares "She be puttin on" while it may be an ebonic term, the reality is that if more of us put on the right interpretati...View Details

Join Lisa Porter weekly as she leads the women's group Women Walk it out! Going deeper in Christ, growing in relationships and in understanding in uni...View Details

Phiilp M. Watson recently featured in was featured recently after the release of his album. A prolific teacher and minister, his walk a...View Details

Today's share impacted even me differently at times the interpretation of how God shows me a thing is not only humbling but causes me to transition in...View Details

Join Sister Angela as she explores how we can get Higher by following the scriptures in the Bible that can take us Deeper, Higher and Wider in God.  E...View Details

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